Payment Information

Payment Information

Payment Information

Payment Metheds

Payments by credit card are to be paid within 1 month of your tour booking request.
Please note discount repeater (repeater discount is removed from tour price), so we do charge when payment is by credit card.

Bank Information

Account Deposit Information

Bank transactions done during weekends and public holidays can’t be checked and confirmed until the next available working day.
Transfers between Yucho Bank accounts charge no fees. So please use if you have a Yucho account.
※Deposits that incur transaction charges are the responsibility of the transferer.

Transfering money beween Yucho Bank accounts
【Code number】
【Account number】
Happy Raft
Transfering money from other banks accounts
有限会社 ハッピーラフト

[The Note on name transfer in the case of transfer]

“reservation’s name” + “tour day” Example: Hanako Suzuki is rafting on May 4 = Hanako Suzuki 0504 (If you transfer name name and reservation’s name is different, please contact us.)
We can’t transfer cash over the weekend as the banks are closed, so please be patient. Transaction fees are customer responsibilities, we recommend using Japan Post Bank accounts when transferring cash as there is no transaction fee.

Credit Payment Information

Details for making credit card payment

①Payment email from Happyraft

Once we receive a booking request from you we will confirm this with a follow up email which will include confirmation details regarding your tour request and a url for how to make a credit card transaction

②Credit Card Input
Once you recieve our email with the credit card details, following the URL supplied.
Check your tour costs(entered for you) then enter your credit card details in the fields provided. Click on the Confirm your entries button to move to the next screen(Blue button at bottom)
※click on image to enlarge
③Credit card entry confirmation
Click the “Payment” button if all the details are correct.
If you need to make a change use the “Return to previous screen” button (little grey one below and to the left of the big blue button)
④Payment Complete
You will come to a screen confirming your payment. We will follow up in 1-3days with another confirmation email regards the payment and your booking details. (If you have not heard form us within 1 week please get in contact with us)

Flow for booking

A visual diagram of the payment process

Flow for booking